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Paternity Testing

There is a presumption of paternity in circumstances where the parties were married, cohabitated, entered in the register of births, or sought parentage information. If there is no proof of parentage or no presumption of paternity exists, it may be necessary to establish parentage through a paternity test in order to establish the biological father of the child. This can be done by a DNA testing report from an accredited DNA laboratory.

This testing can be done either by consent from both parties or alternatively by Court Order. However, before a Court will order testing there must be evidence to place the parentage of the child in doubt.

Bruce Dulley Family Lawyers appreciates that paternity issues do arise and our solicitors are able to advise you through the process to determine whether a party is the biological father of a child or children. We can also provide you with advice and support for any associated issues relating to a paternity dispute, such as child support.