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Parenting Issues

In Australia the best interests of the children, their welfare, and ongoing care is held to be the most important consideration of the Court.

When dealing with a separation, issues relating to children can be particularly stressful. Custodial arrangements including living arrangements, holidays, birthdays and schooling are matters that our team are adept at handling.

We understand that your child’s best interests is your number one priority when dealing with your family law issues and understand that a parenting matter is a situation that is to be handled with delicacy and compassion.

At Bruce Dulley Family Lawyers we are proactive in ensuring the best interests of the children are met. We are able to provide you with advice in respect of any issues concerning your children or your grandchildren, and where necessary, through the following plans and Court Orders.


Parenting Plans

A Parenting Plan is an agreement in writing which is signed and dated by the parenting parties or legal guardians. Even though a parenting plan is not a Court Order, signing a parenting plan after a Consent Order is made may jeopardise the enforceability of the Consent Order.

If the Parenting Plan is different to the Consent Order you cannot rely on the Consent Order or complain that the Consent Order has been broken. We advise in matters of Parenting Plans you do not sign anything until you get legal advice.


Parenting Orders

A Parenting Order is an order made by a Court about your parental responsibilities and the arrangements for your children. If you do not follow a Parenting Order, you may be served with contravention proceedings and open yourself up to penalty under the law.

A Parenting Order may cover:

  • if the parents will have shared or sole parental responsibility;
  • which parent the children will live with;
  • who the children are allowed to spend time and communicate with; and
  • any other issues relevant to their care such as schooling, travel, religion or medical treatment.



The Judge will put in place some temporary arrangements for the care and wellbeing of the children until a final decision is made.