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Matrimonial Property Settlement

When considering your property settlement rights, it is important you gain independent legal advice so you can make informed decisions for you and your family. Our family law solicitors strive to get you the best possible outcome based on your circumstances.

Bruce and his team are thoroughly experienced in dealing with property and financial settlement matters. If neither party can come to an agreement on how property and personal assets are to be divided, Bruce and his team are able to advise and assist you in filing your Court application.

In the event parties can come to an agreement regarding division of assets, our legal practitioners will assist you in formalising your application for Consent Orders. While it is not always possible to predict the outcome of your family law matter, Bruce and his team - having vast experience dealing with property and financial matters - are able to guide you through the process as successfully as possible, based on your circumstances.

Consent Orders

An alternative to issuing Court proceedings is in the form of a Consent Order - A Consent Order is successfully used where you and your former partner wish to settle your matter privately and resolve any property and, or, children's matters without the assistance of the Court. A Consent Order is a document signed by both parties and is then presented to the Family Court for approval. After the Court has formally acknowledged the document as a Consent Order, it is then binding on you and your former partner.

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